The Easiest Way to Carry a Cylinder

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See exactly what this thing can do for you and how those simple tasks of moving a cylinder (that are always harder than they should be) really become simple.

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Get some detailed specs on the Cylinder Claw. Size, Shape,'s all here.


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Why Cylinder Claw?

The Cylinder Claw is the easiest, safest, and most effective way to move an industrial gas cylinder.

Ever tried a job with the wrong tool? It's a pain and 100 times harder than it should be. The right tool makes all the difference.

Cylinder Claw

The Cylinder Claw is the RIGHT TOOL for the job. Hands down. No more hugging or wrestling with a heavy, awkward piece of steel. Move and position cylinders with ease.

It can be used by two people to safely carry cylinders over rough or uneven terrain or used by an Individual to place cylinder onto a rack or welding cart.

Want to know more specifics?

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Single Lift

Single Lift

Dual Carry

Team Lift

Foldable Claw

Fold for Storage

Foldable Claw

Using is Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Move Cylinders Easily
Lift alone,
or carry with a partner
Off Curbs
Step it up,
       or down.
             No issues here.
Over Gravel

    Loose ground doesn't stop you.
Over Gutters
Uneven problem.

Product Details

Folded Claw

Designed by a professional fabricator with 30+ years experience
Quality All Steel Construction

Width: 13 3/4"
Length: 28 1/16" (open), 14 5/16" (folded)
Orifice: 9 7/8" (fits both 7" and 9" cylinders)
Weight: 11 lbs

Steel Construction

100% Welded Solid Steel Construction. Powder Coated Stainless Steel.

Steel Hinge

Heavy Duty Steel Hinged Design.

Rubber Grip

Rubber Bumpers for Firm Grip. Simple, Replaceable Bumpers for easy maintenance.

Capped Handle

Quality is in the details.


Strong Hinge

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